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Caroline - Headshots_04Hello! My name is Caroline Elisabeth (Pigott) and guess what?  I’m doing it! It’s not an easy road and it hasn’t been a smooth journey, but I’m accomplishing exactly what I set out to accomplish – being my own boss, working with amazing clients, and building a business on my own terms. Wow. What a wonderful feeling. Let me get very clear. Working for yourself isn’t just about the work. It’s a very personal journey. You’re forced to look deeper inside yourself than you may feel comfortable with. And that deep self discovery, along with all of the other distractions/obligations/doubters/etc. is what what stops some people from pursuing it in the first place.

Why the Name “Labour to Launch”?

Labour to Launch signifies the journey I’ve taken from becoming a mom, not thinking I could do both a business and raise a baby and then discovering it really is possible. A business is like a baby and building it can feel like labour! There’s pain, yes, but without a positive mindset it’s just going to be more painful! I jumped in scared, anxious, and not-so-confident. I took the long road but that doesn’t mean you have to. I hope my posts help you conquer through without losing your breath because, honestly, the when your business is finally delivered (aka launched/at a place you’ve always dreamed/working with clients you’ve always pictured you’d work with), it’s the most beautiful thing.  

Who am I?

FamilyPhoto1I’m a mom to two beautiful boys. I’m a wife to a wonderfully-supportive (and very good-looking) husband. I’m the owner of a successful social media management and content writing business called Flourish Marketing. I’m also a one-time self-doubter, procrastinator, and all around anxiety-ridden wannabe-entrepreneur who almost gave up on my professional goals and dreams because it felt “too hard” and I felt as though I “wasn’t good enough”.

Sound familiar?

Of course it does! It’s far too common and I want to help change that mindset. Do you know how often I hear “I have this business idea but…” or “I have always wanted to work for myself but…”? It’s the excuses, the mental roadblocks, that keep us from moving forward. Sure it might feel comfortable to stay exactly where you are right now. But, you have a dream to accomplish and I’m tired of watching potentially awesome businesses never come to fruition because of fear, doubt, excuses, and so on and so forth. Heck, over the past decade I have gone from “I hate my job. I want to make money on my own terms.” to “I can’t do this!” to “I have no time.” I’m now saying “I am doing this!” “I’m forging ahead!” and “I’m so happy I didn’t just sit on these ideas!” I’m at a good place and that brings me to…

THIS blog

With the right mindset (and some creativity) becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be out of reach. If you’re on maternity leave and are thinking now’s the time to start expanding on that idea you’ve been hemming and hawwing about, do it! If you’re retired and have always wanted to open a retail store, do it! If you’re a student and have always wanted to launch an e-commerce site, do it! The world doesn’t stop moving because you’re afraid. The time to start planning and start moving your ideas from dream to reality is right now.

This blog is about conquering the mental roadblocks keeping you from pursuing what you want, no, what you need to accomplish in order to live the life you truly were meant to live. I hope the posts are inspiring in some way. I also hope to create a motivated community of entrepreneurs who can help one another.

So let’s go on this journey together, shall we?





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