Do You Believe in the Work You Do? My #1 Piece of Biz Advice

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Believe in the work you doMy husband and I are in the early planning stages of a new business venture. A husband and wife business…I love and hate the idea. Ok, I should put quotes around the word “hate”. To be honest, I’m very excited about the possibility of working together. It’s a dream of mine to officially be business partners with my husband. As of now he has been my silent partner with Flourish Marketing. But, launching a fresh new idea together makes me a bit worried.  I worry that we won’t both be dedicated to the business 100%. So far, I’m recognizing some actions, or should I say inaction, that makes me realize we may need to revisit the drawing board. It’s OK. I’m happy to catch this now rather than later! And, who knows, maybe working together won’t happen. That’s OK, too. I’d rather us both be passionate about our idea than just one of us carry the weight and build resentment.

You see, in my experience, it’s absolutely essential to believe in the work you do in order for it to succeed.

Years ago when I began laying the roots for my current business, I knew it was going to grow into something amazing because it was all I could think about. I went to bed with a notebook filled with my business ideas. I spent my lunch hours writing down a plan to bring it to fruition. I got excited whenever I thought of the clients I would serve and how I’d serve them. I lived and breathed my business idea. As it should, my business has evolved since the early planning days and so have I. But what has remained consistent is my dedication. I love and believe in the work I do. And that’s why I’m still in business.

Three things happen when you love and believe in the work you do:

  1. You develop a strong desire to succeed.
  2. You keep the naysayers at arm’s length.
  3. You discover new ways to grow.

Let’s look at these three things more closely.

When You Believe in the Work You Do…You Develop a Strong Desire to Succeed

When something excites you, you feel energized. Even if you are tired you get a second wind because the exciting thing acts as a natural high. Doing work that you believe in provides that same high. You feel energetic at the very thought of work. Of course, there are going to be good days and bad days, but, overall, your business idea should give you energy and motivation. You can see the end result through the hard work it will take to get there. Any hurdles you face as you plan and develop your business don’t stop you in your tracks because you know that, in the end, it will all be worth it. You know that you’re on the right path because it’s your path. I advise people against starting a business for the sake of starting one. If a friend is asking you to join them on their dream business path, think twice. If you come across a ready-made-business-in-a-box, please think twice. Unless you’re excited and completely believe in it, you’re going to find that the novelty of business ownership wears off pretty quickly.

When You Believe in the Work You Do…You Keep the Naysayers at Arm’s Length

There will be naysayers. There always are. Whether it’s people who don’t understand your business idea or have their own hangups about entrepreneurship or are even jealous of your motivation to work for yourself, you will come across negativity. It’s easy to listen to all of the “advice” and “comments” surrounding you if you don’t completely believe in the work you do or the business you’re launching. When you already believe in what you are setting out to accomplish, you develop a laser focus and an invisible shield. You naturally ignore the doubters and carry on.

When You Believe in the Work You Do…You Discover New Ways to Grow

When you’re on board with your business, you’re also on board with its growth potential. You want to nurture it and watch it grow wings, not remain stagnant. When you believe in the work you do you don’t want to stop at “good enough”. You want to see where else it can go. Launching and growing a business isn’t just about launching and growing a business. It’s about taking it to new heights every now and then. And seeing how far it can reach is part of the amazing benefits of being your own boss;)

How do you feel about your business idea? Does the thought of it excite you? Do you truly believe in the work you do? If you do, continue on. Incredible things are ahead!

xo Caroline


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