Why Your First Attempt At Business is Rarely Perfect (And Why This is OK!)

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first attempt at businessI’m currently rebranding my website and I’m experiencing many, oh so many, blocks around it.

First of all, there’s the friends who ask why I’m rebranding. The “didn’t you just change up your website like, yesterday?” questions coming my way. And then there’s the conflicting posts being shared around the web – “yes you should share your rates!” “You should never share your rates!” The chatter and the opinions and the trends always throw me off. No wonder I procrastinate.

There’s Too. Much. Noise!

There really is. If you’re starting a business and you’re listening to what everyone else around you is saying you are never going to launch. Yep, that’s right.

Trying new things as an entrepreneur, even if there are first attempts that fail, is essential to growing your biz. Do what feels right to you and your clients. Block out the opinions of others around you who aren’t related to your biz. Sure, they may have your best interests at heart, but there’s a time and place to listen to the people who care about you. Developing and launching your business isn’t one of them.

Now, I shouldn’t say you should never ever listen to the chatter. I mean, if you’re launching a yoga studio and your uncle runs a successful studio you might want to take in some of his advice. BUT if you’re launching a yoga studio today and your uncle launched his studio 20 years ago and is now retired you might want to take some of what he’s saying with a grain of salt. Why? Because chances are that his business ran entirely on referrals and print advertising and you are now privy to and knowledgeable about the online reach.

If you’re going to listen to the advice of anyone it should be someone who has a) launched their own business b) can offer you real and experienced advice c) have made some mistakes along the way.

Sorry to say, but this entrepreneur thing isn’t easy. Nor should it be. Trial and error is a part of the process. When one way doesn’t work out, learn from it and try another. Accept that you’re bound to hit deadends and make wrong turns here and there. It’s ok because, as Napoleon Hill mentions in my now favourite book Think and Grow Rich,

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

In other words, every single effort you put out there is going to bring you one step closer to your goal!

I keep reminding myself of that as I rebrand, change processes, and brainstorm new business ideas. Growing my business requires trial and error in order for it to grow. I didn’t get it right the first time. It’s taken time to figure out who exactly I want to work with, what in particular I want to offer, and even what colours fit my branding. As I continue to grow services may change, systems may change, and offerings may change. This is ok. Nothing is set in stone and that’s the beauty of your business.

Go on, do something today that will bring you closer to your ultimate goal. If it doesn’t work out, that’s ok. At least you made an attempt and you also opened the door to new ideas that you may not have thought of before!

Just remember – Don’t let the chatter around you stop you from planting those seeds;)


  1. Oksana says:

    Another amazing post from you Caroline, that is so close to my heart! Im in this exact situation RIGHT NOW! I just re-branded my website. I keep hearing “well-meaning” advise from people who either never had a business and/or have old-world view on it. Thank goodness for like-minded enterpreneurs, for the support and understanding of people in your tribe , business online classes run by super-successful enterpreneurs, for FB groups, for great books… To our success! 🙏💕

    • Caroline Elisabeth says:

      I’m excited for you and your rebrand Oksana! So so happy for your comments. I too am so thankful for like-minded entrepreneurs and we’re so lucky to have the internet to bring us all together. Cheers to our success!

  2. Kate @ Tell Me Tuesday says:

    This post resonates with me so much. There have been so many huge lessons in my first year of business. I totally agree with Oksana too– I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs. Onwards and upwards we go!

    • Caroline Elisabeth says:

      Congrats on the first year of business Kate! Thank you for your comment and yes, onwards and upwards and great to connect!

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