Too Much On Your Plate? A Real Simple Way to Keep Focused

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how to keep focused


It’s so hard to. To be honest, as I type this I can feel my brain drifting to the hundred other things I need to get done. I’m tempted to put down my laptop and tackle another task before I go to bed because I’m afraid it won’t get done otherwise.

Focus is an action not often followed by me. And I bet you’re in a similar boat.

Our lives are filled with tasks, aren’t they? Kid stuff, personal stuff, business stuff…how are we still walking around with our sanity?! My gosh, even trying to find a solution for it is mind boggling. I just scoured the internet for “ways to stay focused” and I came across several articles, each with 10 different “solutions” to increase your productivity.

I don’t want a number of different ways to stay focused and increase productivity. I just want one.

My days are pretty hectic right now. I’ve got client projects to handle, an active 14-month-old to entertain, and a five-year-old to keep on track. Life isn’t slowing down and yet I want to add more to my plate! I’ve got all of these ideas for my business and possible next business swirling through my head and it’s difficult to keep track. I’ve got an amazing organizing tool called 17 Hats (affiliate link but I wouldn’t share it if it weren’t awesome) that helps keep me in check BUT it doesn’t always keep me from feeling dizzy. You know, the “where do I even begin?!” feeling many of us get when we have too many things on the go!

Here’s the good news though. There’s always somewhere to begin. We just have to select where and, well, begin. And then, here’s the kicker, we have to follow it through to the end before starting the next project or task.

Remember, multitasking doesn’t work. It leaves you feeling overwhelmed and overextended.

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” Alexander Graham Bell

Starting now, make a list of five things you need to get done – things that will bring you closer to your goal.

Now, go through these five things and number them according to importance.

Select the most important task to do that will bring you the closest to your goal. Put it in your calendar and select a due date to have it done by (when you have a set due date, preferably in a short amount of time, you’re more likely to get it done!)

Finish this first task and then move on to the next until all five are done.

Here are the five things on my task list. With a goal of growing my client base:

  1. Research at least 20 businesses in my target audience via LinkedIn and Twitter.
  2. Create an outreach plan to open up conversation and build relationships.
  3. Develop a free download that my audience will appreciate in exchange for their signup to my list.
  4. Create a Facebook ad to share my services and free download to my targeted audience.
  5. Assess my service offerings to ensure they are in line with what my target audience will benefit from.

The first thing I need to do on this list is assess my service offerings. I want to be clear and be sure that what I’m offering will benefit the companies I wish to serve. The next item on my list is to conduct research and develop a list of potential contacts. I will then create an outreach plan, develop a download and put out an ad. I vow not to move on to each task without completing the one before it!

Now that sounds like a simple and realistic way to focus. The onus is on me and I think I can stick to this plan.

Now, how about you? I want you to write down the five things you need to complete and put them in order of importance and then tackle the most important one first! Share your list in the comments and I’ll help keep you accountable!

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  1. Oksana says:

    Hi, Caroline! Great post as always! First of all, Im tracking my time this week, seeing where Im loosing time and coming up with schedule that Im going to stick with! Then I’m going to write everything out, and prioritize( like you said:)

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