Keep This in Mind When Sharing New Business Ideas

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sharing new business ideasMy husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning the launch of an online store. I’m a big believer of having multiple income streams and entering the e-commerce space feels like a good next step. Don’t ask what we’re selling yet, though. We don’t quite know. We’re literally in the planning stage – but at least we know what we want to do which is learn about and make money from a product. Finding the right product, though, has proven to be the challenge. I had no idea, when I set out to pursue this type of business, how time-consuming and frightening the process would be – from the get-go, no less! The ideas we have had have been too saturated in the online marketplace or simply not feasible. We’ve gone back to the drawing board quite a few times and I’m sure we will again many times over. Starting a new business isn’t easy. But I’m determined.

You Don’t Have to Have all Your Ducks in a Row Before Sharing Your New Business Ideas

I’m afraid this setback is only making me seem flippant. I’m telling friends and family that we’re planning on launching an online store and am met with blank stares when I answer with “we don’t know yet” after being asked what we’ll be selling.

I’m ok appearing frivolous (or is it carefree?) though. It’s amazing if you want to start something new and it’s ok to declare your intentions to the world about it, but it’s often not in your best interest to dive right in without prior research and in-depth thought. Don’t let the pressure of other people’s expectations get in the way of this. You’re the one putting time, energy, and passion behind what you want to do. And so, it’s up to you to continue moving forward without being distracted by what others think you should accomplish in a certain time frame.

So, why is it ok to declare your intention if you haven’t even started yet? Do you look like just a dreamer if you do? My answer: yes and who cares.

Your New Business Ideas Are Personal And So is When and How You Share Them

If you’re like me, you need to talk about your plans in order to see them come to be. Holding them in keeps them as dreams not the other way around. I know, there was a TED talk going around some time ago with research indicating sharing your goals lead you to be less motivated to pursue them. But, you know what? We’re all individuals. Even if the entire world is less motivated when they share their goals it doesn’t mean you are. My advice to you aspirers is to do what works for you! So, back to me feeling silly when I share our plans to launch a store and can’t answer the question “what will we sell?” yet. Bah, I know I will find it. I’m just laying the groundwork for the business right now.

It helps to lay the groundwork before you begin a business venture. Doing this gives me more confidence and provides me with more motivation. It’s like anything I do. When I put the intention out there, pieces of the puzzle tend to fall into place. Sure, I might not have a product idea yet, but by talking about my plans, I’m opening myself up to friends and family who might find something they want to see sold online and ask if I’d be interested in selling it. I’m also creating a to-do list for myself. I’ve told people about the idea so now it’s time to create the plan, research, and source products. This might work for you, too.

When it comes to sharing your new business ideas, don’t worry about what the world tells you to do. You do you. You do it your way. If you’d rather keep the entire idea under wraps because you know you won’t pursue it if you talk about it, do it. If you want to share because you know sharing means you’ll be more motivated, then go that route. I have absolutely no solid advice to give on this topic because I truly believe this is a personal matter. I don’t feel like getting involved. I just look forward to hearing about when you’re ready to share.

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