Free Printable – Simple Business Plan Template

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Simple business plan templateDo you have a business idea but can’t move past “dream paralysis”? Download my free simple business plan template printable!

Planning out a new business can be so overwhelming – if you let it be. I tend to allow mind clutter to stack up when I’m planning out something new. At first, I get excited by the possibilities of my goal. I’m a chronic daydreamer and so the vision part of my plan is easy. I can sit for hours detailing daily life once my plan is implemented. The feeling of satisfaction after I launch, the applause from friends and family after I win my achievement award, and the incredible high achieved from my day-to-day life operating my dream are all easy to conjure up in my mind. But, the actual, real-life complexities of starting a business aren’t so easy.

When you decide to take the leap and launch a business it’s important to create a solid plan. A plan that you can count on when you’re feeling stuck and unsure why you’re starting your business in the first place. But also a plan that is easy to look at without feeling overwhelmed! A full business plan is important to map out every detail of your venture and is required to secure financing and raise capital if you decide to expand. But if you’re looking to gain some clarity for yourself in order to begin your business in the first place, it’s helpful to have a simple plan.  To help you go from daydreamer to get-stuff-doner, I’ve created a one-page simple business plan template that will help you start and create your dream quickly without weighing your mind down.

Knowing who your audience is will help you get started with your marketing efforts right away.

Understanding your mission will help you craft the right messages to share with your audience. It will also help you gain clarity and confidence about your business.

Understanding how you’ll make money and where the money will come from is essential to starting and maintaining your business.

And, finally, gaining clarity on who will help you take the first step to launch your business will provide you with confidence knowing that you don’t have to nor should you do this alone. These people can be mentors, coaches, marketers, partners, colleagues, focus groups.

I created this free printable to help kickstart your business in the most simplest of ways! Sign up to download it by clicking on the photo below! Congratulations on taking the very first step!!

Business plan template

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