Are You Not Reaching Your Goals? You Need to Read This

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Confession time – I can be a huge procrastinator.

I have been guilty of beginning a personal project or two without following it to the finish. Working out, for example, has always been a huge struggle for me. I’ll get eager every few months and declare it’s my time to “get fit!” I’ll work out three days a week for three weeks and then completely let my fitness routine go. I get tired of it quickly. The same goes for healthy meal planning (or meal planning in general, let’s be honest). I get bored of it pretty quickly or decide there’s “better things to do” during the time I set aside for it.

It’s not just personal goals I’ve let go or have failed to start. I’ve procrastinated on achieving professional goals as well. There was the time I dreamt of starting an online magazine, bought the WordPress template, purchased the domain, even wrote my first article and then…well….let’s just say that idea was abandoned as soon as it began. And then there was the time I dreamed of being an events PR maven….until I quickly learned that event planning could be more of a nightmare than a dream if your heart’s not in it.

Yes, I’ll admit, I have dreamt of doing many things but I have only followed through on a handful of them. And, thankfully, I know exactly why this is.

I didn’t have a WHY.

If you’re setting a goal, you need to understand WHY you’re setting it in the first place.

WHY do you want to launch a business?

WHY do you want to make a million dollars?

WHY do you want to be a best selling author?

WHY do you want to travel the world?

WHY do you want to get in shape?

WHY do you want to run that marathon?

You’re likely not going to follow through if you don’t understand the WHY behind it!

When I started working for myself I knew my WHY. And that WHY is still the same today. I knew I wanted to have the flexibility to be in control of when and where I worked. I had and still have a big desire to determine who I would work with and what type of work I could do. Author Danielle LaPorte recently said in a blog post (or was it in one of emails?)

We become entrepreneurs because we don’t like being told what to do.

I remember, clearly, being smushed between people on the subway car day after day telling myself to calm down because someday I would be in business for me. Not someone else. I would decide when and where to commute. That WHY was fierce enough to take me from office worker to entrepreneur.

When you set a goal, if you want to achieve it, you MUST know exactly WHY you want to achieve it. You can’t just set that goal, let it go and hope for the best. Once you understand your WHY you’ll find excuses TO DO IT rather than not to do it. You’ll be making it happen both consciously and unconsciously. It will feel like magic because you’re used to procrastinating but in reality it will be your inner drive, your WHY, pushing you forward.

So, what’s your WHY for starting your business?

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  1. Oksana says:

    Caroline, I LOVE this post! Im becoming a fan of your blog and writing! 🙂 Every article strikes a chord in my heart. Yes, START WITH WHY!! It is so important! And yes, couldn’t agree more with Danielle LaPorte, we do become enterpreneurs because we don’t like being told what to do. The why behind my jewelry business is to recognize each woman’s individuality and complement her with one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry. I Started designing because I was tired of cheap fast-fashion and was craving something exclusive and exquisite. That fuled my business.
    xx Oksana

    • Caroline Elisabeth says:

      Oksana, your comments are so much appreciated and I”m honoured you’re becoming a fan:) I’m also loving your jewellery line! Stunning pieces. When there’s a WHY behind what we do beautiful things happen. Amazing. Thank you!

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